The lab and the slab

He was the unique results brilliant that dealt with such motion pictures as “Frankenstein,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and also “The Mask of Fu Man Chu. ” In his later years, he worked with numerous tv collection, including “The Munsters. ” With greater than 100 motion pictures to his credit score, he still managed to offer 1500 taking a trip scientific research presentations and lectures throughout the united state and also Canada. Strickfaden was thorough regarding his special impacts, cooking up various research laboratory equipment, in addition to securing the use of a Tesla Coil developed by the famous scientist Nikola Tesla himself. Rest assured, all the electricity in the movie was real, as well as the tools he used to generate them ended up being known, in fandom, as “Strickfadens. “He was in charge of all those dazzling electrical gadgets Frankenstein and Fritz, in different motion pictures, grasped, holds on to, as well as recoiled from. Without the help of Tesla’s coil, those great discharges would certainly be difficult to create. These coils produce extremely high voltage, reduced existing and also high frequency rotating current power. Believe it or otherwise during the very early’00s Tesla coils were made use of to apply high regularity current straight to the body in what was then taken into consideration therapy!Long disregarded in the annals of horror flick fame, Strickfaden is the man whose electric designs made Monster the flick that it is.