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Ph: (618) 344-4096

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Recent Adoptions

  • Dusty
    Thank you to Rebecca and Stephen from Bartlett, IL for adopting Dusty  on 8/31/2016!...
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  • Renegade
    Thank you to Dan and Heather from St Louis, MO for adopting Renegade on 9/29/2016!...
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  • Gracie
    Thank you to Nancy and Craig from Danville, IL for adopting this yellow lab back on 11/7/2016!...
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  • Reese
    Thank you to Laila and Philip from Edwardsville, IL for adopting this kitten back on 11/25/2016!...
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  • Macy
    Thank you to Kim from Eureka, MO fro adopting Macy a Yellow Lab mix back on 12/17/2016....
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  • Prancer
    Thank you to Lieda from Collinsville for adopting one of the three kittens and  another kitten Kit Kat we got in all at once!...
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