How similar are our house cats to wild cats?

Your lovable fuzzball is snuggled up on his pet cat tree and delighting in some zzz’s. Yet did you understand that so do Mountain Lions, Bobcats and also would you believe it!!! Hyenas, Guinea Pigs and also Raccoons? Cats that purr can not roar. If you have a plaything like “Da Bird” take it out and view exactly how your feline stalks as well as attacks. If he gets a hold of the toy he will growl, back off and also attempt to run away with it. All cats are built extremely in a similar way. They have incredible versatile bodies that are strong for their size, solid teeth for tearing as well as eating via bone and really quick reflexes. Though your feline has actually possibly accommodated to your timetable they are nocturnal. Their eyes as well as ears are made for nighttime searching too. They have amazing night vision and also severe hearing.