The lab and the slab

He remains among the nearly neglected heroes of very early movie and also television, where the lightening screws were real, the research laboratory tools hazardous, and stuntmen strolled into electrical energy storms. Rest assured, all the power in the film was real, as well as the devices he made use of to produce them ended up being recognized, in fandom, as “Strickfadens. The electric discharges produced those lighting-like plasma filaments that were wonderfully used in the film. These coils produce very high voltage, low current and high regularity alternating current electricity. Think it or not during the very early’00s Tesla coils were used to apply high frequency present straight to the body in what was after that considered therapy!Long neglected in the annals of horror movie fame, Strickfaden is the guy whose electric styles made Monster the flick that it is.